My First Etsy Sale



I sold my 1 bottle in in November 2011 after about a month I put my bottles on Etsy (

You know I am in UK and the first customer was from Australia

I wanted to serve her as quick as possible.

My husband has aunty who lives in Australia and on the time of the sale she was visiting England.

I was so upset when post office sad that parcel will go to Australia 5-6 weeks so I asked aunty Mary (she is about 75 years old I think) to take bottle and post it when she come back to Australia.

I packed parcel and was sure Mary will put it in luggage, but she was caring it in hand bag….

Well here I have to say that order was for the flattened bottle to use as cheese boards and CHEESE KNIFE!!!!

Nothing happened on UK border, but in Singapore they found the knife and she was strip searched….

Knife was confiscated ….

Aunty Mary didn’t want to send bottle without the knife, so she spend sometime trying to find the similar one….

In January my customer from Australia contacted me and sad she still waiting for her bottle, after all problems I cause to aunty I didn’t dear to asked her what happening….

So I made another bottle and posted it by Royal Mail….


I couldn’t believe it…..

Order was delivered to Australia, but on the same day when is was delivered aunty Mary contacted my customer and asked when she can deliver the bottle ( and the knife!!!! Lol)

Now Australia has 2 of my bottles

So my fist sale will be memorable for many people

All this hassle and it, took 1 week!!!! only

Well I have to say, simple way is the best one…..

I will contact Mary and ask her to keep it like souvenir

Hope you have a good weekend


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2 Responses to My First Etsy Sale

  1. Lisa says:

    You get the prize for a memorable first sale!

  2. Roar Sweetly says:

    Hee hee I love this story. Poor old Aunty Mary getting strip searched, and all in the name of beautiful crafts!

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