Iron Bridge Antiques, Arts and Crafts (week 2)

Good Evening Lisa!
My life is very busy at the moment; I try to fulfil all my duty at once.

Be good mother, good wife, good daughter, good employer and business
As usual you have 24 hours only, so I am trying to stretch it as far as
I want to be a good friend too !Image so this post is my letter to you and a
bit of a story with photos.
I already told you that I have a craft space in the Art and Craft
gallery near Iron Bridge. 
Very brave family started this new business in October last year. You
know how bad finance situation at the moment is, radio predict it’s
going to be even worse before we hit the bottom. But this people were
not afraid to start. 

I made some photos – you may see there are many crafts.
Personally  I really like the idea of the ferry’s door! You need to have
door if you want ferry to come!!!

My table looks a bit boring between all this colours and lights, I am
thinking about some decorations…or maybe cool packaging for my
bottles? Any ideas?


I love people imagination and I like that so many people appreciate
craft. Craftsmen had good sales around Xmass. Mine is ok, but I am
looking for partner, to shear my craft space, For sure it’s too big for
me. I do have full time job and I start my dancing classes again!!!! 


Good night my friend 🙂 hope to hear from you soon


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