Hello from UK (week 1)

Hi Lisa

As promised, here are some photos of Powys Castle.

My work is not far from this place, may be 5- 6 min to drive. Park is open to the public. It is very nice just to sit on the bench and look at beautiful landscape.

This week we had first winter weather this year. Temperature drop till – 4C at night, and days were chilly but sunny.

Here is some photos

WELCOME to the Powys Castle 🙂
I like contrast between “wild” nature and manicured formal garden.

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7 Responses to Hello from UK (week 1)

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow! Does anyone live there now? How long has it been there?

    • 2etsypals says:

      I don’t live in this castle lol
      But I work next to it for last 7 years 🙂
      It is very interesting place and I love to go there any time I can

    • 2etsypals says:

      It’s belong to National Trust, old owner still have some land and houses around. We have a lot places like this around here. Castle was build in 1100 🙂 old one – have gosts for sure.
      I will make more photos in Summer It’s sooo beutiful 🙂

      • Lisa says:

        That would be great. We do more picture taking in the summer too. Today we saw a bunch of geese flying around. I would like to go out and ‘shoot’ some for you. We live in a place where they migrate through. I’ll see what I can get this weekend.
        Do they have ghost hunters there? In the U.S. they have television shows that can be creepy.

  2. Katerina says:

    yes you can look inside and its very interesting
    and yes we have ghosts hunters too 🙂 Do you believe in ghosts????
    I have to confess… My husband is hunter and he shoot different birds

    • Lisa says:

      Your hubby would love these big Canada snow geese. I’ll put the pics up later.

      Do I believe in ghosts? I do in a way. I’m not so sure they are the dearly departed. I would be more inclined to think that they are demons impersonating lost souls but this is my opinion. It’s a really weird phenomena. The fact that they feel something cold says something. I’ve also had strange feelings in some places. So, yes, I do believe there is something out there.

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